English by e-mail

by Elek Máthé

Complete the following sentences with names of colours. (There's a tricky one, though ...)

1 Our company has lost a lot of money recently and now we're in the .
2 My mother just loves gardening; she has fingers.
3 When we heard the news, it was completely out of the .
4 Peter is so honest; he would never tell even a lie.
5 When Jane saw Mary's new car, she was with envy.
6 Congratulations! You've passed all your exams with flying !
7 The opposition brought up another herring during the debate yesterday.
8 The teacher gave the boy a look and went on.
9 When my son came after that fight with the other boys, he was and all over.
10 His extra-marital affairs have been discussed at length in the press.
11 You know, Fred has always been the sheep in the family.
12 We just can't get ahead because of all this tape!

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